2022 Results


Best In Class Winner
Hive Winery Autumn Stinger Cider

Gold Medal Winners
Hive Winery Black Currant Stinger

Silver Medal Winners
Etta Place 435 Batch 004 Hopped

Bronze Medal Winners
Hive Winery Stinger Hard Apple Cider

White Wines

Best In Class Winner
I/G Winery Riesling

Gold Medal Winners
La Caille Château Rose
OTC Mountain Town White
La Caille Seyval Blanc
OTC Townie Rosé
OTC Chardonnay
I/G Winery Roussanne
I/G Winery Viognier
B&D 2021 Verdejo

Silver Medal Winners
The Vine Yard Viognier
B&D 2021 Malvasia Bianca

Bronze Medal Winners
2020 Zion Vineyards Malbec Rosé
The Vine Yard Sauvignon Blanc
Zion Vineyards Grenache Blanc
Zion Vineyards – 2020 Rosé Malbec/Granache Blend
Zion Vineyards – Rosé blend Grenache/Viognier

Meads & Fruit Wines

Best In Class Winner
Hive Winery Strawberry Honey Wine

Gold Medal Winners
Hive Winery Unholy Offspring
Hive Winery Peach Cobbler Wine
Hive Winery Summer Mead
Hive Winery Huckleberry Wine

Silver Medal Winners
Etta Place Fig Mead

Red Wines

Best In Class & Best of Show Winner
OTC (S.O.M.) Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal Winners
Chanela 2019 Petite Sirah
I/G 2018 Sangiovese
The Vine Yard Carignane
Chanela 2018 Petit Verdot
I/G Tempranillo
Zion Vineyards 2020 Tempranillo Reserve
I/G Alicanté
B&D Cabernet Franc
2018 Chanela Cabernet Sauvignon Utah
OTC Cabernet Sauvignon (Outlaw)
I/G Winery Washington Cabernet

Silver Medal Winners
Zion Vineyards 2020 Cabernet
Chanela 2018 Merlot
Zion Vineyards 2020 Mesa View Zinfandel
I/G Winery Mounvedre
Zion Vineyards Petite Sirah
Chanela 2018 Cabernet Savignon Napa
The Vine Yard (Red) Field Blend
The Vine Yard Syrah
The Vine Yard Tempranillo
The Vine Yard Petite Sirah
OTC Pinot Noir
Chanela 2019 Malbec
Zion Vineyards Syrah
I/G Pinot Noir
La Caille Merlot
La Caille Cabernet Sauvignon
La Caille Pinot Noir
Chanela 2019 Tempranillo
Bold and Delaney Pinot Noir

Native, Natural, & Organic

Best In Class Winner
Water Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon

Silver Medal Winners
2021 Water Canyon Barbera
Water Canyon Carbonic Blend
Water Canyon Zinfandel
2021 Water Canyon Sangiovese
Water Canyon Cabernet Franc